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Technical Speaking

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Technical Speaking

bs.gif (3126 bytes) Instructors: Dr. Johannes Smith
Prof. Armadaeus Wilson

Welcome to Technical Speaking!

Throughout my life, I've heard the slaves of the educational institutions, students like yourselves, complain about everything imaginable.  To help lessen the strain of a restricted youth, my colleague Armadaeus Wilson and I have developed a course to eliminate the performance pressure of one subject: English.

Our course is designed to help struggling English students retain a passing grade in said class, with minimal effort.  It is our hope that after taking our course, you can write an extensive paper on any subject, while knowing only the most basic details about it.  One student of our class sent an email that said very little, but said it loudly.  Included in the message were the phrases "I GOT AN 'A'!" and "Your class was a saving grace.  Our final exam in history was an essay on the Napoleanic wars.  Had I ever read about them?  No!  After taking your class, I was able to breeze through it using a few words from your 'Techsaurus' included in the textbook.  I can't thank you enough!!"

To learn more about our course, join our mailing list or email us.

- Johannes Smith

Interested in purchasing our book, but not quite sure you want to put the money into it?  Join our mailing list now, and receive the first chapter free.

Please note that we do not make any guarantees as to the success of our program.  While we believe strongly in its effectiveness, our information is based on individual experiences, and not on any universal 'rule book.'  Certain teachers may be totally unresponsive to your attempts at technical speaking.



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